Thursday, July 30, 2009

Recommended Pool & Sports Sites

If you wish to exit this page and move on check out the listings in the right hand column under "Pool Blogs" and "Favorite Links." I won't take it personally. Maybe, like me, you have a short attention span and easily succumb to the urge to surf on. I just removed from those lists a dozen or more sites I wouldn't want you to visit. You wouldn't enjoy them. They stink. And their administrators are somewhat shady to say the least. You see, after striking up reciprocal you-link-to-me-and-I'll-link-to-you arrangements, they sometime later decided for whatever reason to remove their links to me. All fine and good, but in the meantime they didn't bother to let me in on their decisions so I, like an idiot, continued to recommend their sites. Well, today, while adding yet another new link to one of my blog rolls, I decide it might be a good idea to check my old linking partners. Looks like I should have done it long ago. Anyway, it doesn't matter because, like I said, their sites weren't worth visiting - just worthless crap. Nothing like the high brow nonsense available here.


Official PRO Sports said...

I know exactly what you mean it happens to me all the time I feel your pain if you are looking for someone that shares your pain to do a little trading I am down for it and I promise you will not be erased with out a call or email.

Evil Monkey Company said...

oh by the way you can email me at