Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The State of Pocket Billiards in Florida in the 21st Century: A Reading by Ace Toscano

So... I'm not the most agreeable guy in the pool room, or the most patient, or the most tolerant. And, I'm definitely not the nicest. Still, I pride myself in being blunt and honest. That, I hope, will be my legacy.

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Old Sharkie's Deathbed Revelation: A Reading by Ace Toscano

Here's my second reading. I'm still working on my delivery.

More to follow. You can find all my pool writings on my Pool Literature page.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Reading: Mickey and the Wild Eight

Well, I won (bought really) a new notebook on eBay, a Toshiba NB 305, and realized that it had a web camera and, upon further exploration, discovered I could use it to make videos... of myself. As is usually the case with such things, it took me a couple days and umpteen failed attempts to actually produce something viewable. Here's my first project, the recitation of my pool poem Mickey and the Wild Eight. Please note, I'm not quite as feeble as I look and sound in this clip.