Thursday, November 01, 2007

Getting the Most From Hot-Wirers

I wasn’t brought into the myspace community by a friend or acquaintance – I was brought in by a stranger who had hot-wired an image off my website and onto his profile page. When I tried to follow the link from awstats to the culprit’s page, I learned that I had to be a member to do that. So, I signed up.

At first, I reacted with vengeance. I renamed the hot-wired images so that those who were using them were left with empty image boxes on their pages. Then, I got a better idea. Since these folks were using my images without asking and without giving me any credit, I decided to add some promotional text to each hotwired image. In most cases, this amounted to my domain name – Below is a partial list of sites currently carrying my modified billboards. Who knows, one day my brand might be as recognizable as Coca Cola or Campbell Soup.

Man Ray’s photo of Salvador Dali is very popular. Here are three sites currently tapped into it:

From my pool photos these have been hijacked:
Savchenko's Billiards -
Laurel and Hardy -
Rat Pack -
Rat Pack -
Corner Pocket by Steve Mills -

Many prefer to spruce their sites up with pics of their favorite musical artists. Here are 3 Rolling Stones fans:

An Amy Lee/Evanescence fan:

One Dean Koontz fan:

And here are a couple hot-wirers whose guarded pages forbid access:

The following sites are freeloading small pics, 50 pixels wide. They’re too small to work on really, so, I haven’t changed them. If I had originally converted them to gifs, I could animate them now; but I didn’t, so I can’t. Live and learn.

Nirvana -
Nirvana -
Green Day -
Green Day -
Dale Jr. -
Janis Joplin -
Tupac Shakur -
Jerry Garcia -