Thursday, April 08, 2010

Top Ten Pool/Billiards Instructional Books

I learned to play pool back in the 1960's primarily by studying Mosconi's little red book, Mosconi On Pocket Billiards. Lucky for me, old Teasdale picked up a few copies during his travels and made them available to his customers. Unfortunately, it was the only book I came across during my developing years. Nowadays, there are scores of books professing to teach readers the art of shooting pool. Following are the ten most popular pool/billiards instructional books. Point your cursor at the book's title for ratings, plus new and used prices.

1. The 99 Critical Shots in Pool: Everything You Need to Know to Learn and Master the Game ~ Raymond Martin

2. Byrne's New Standard Book of Pool and Billiards ~ Robert Byrne

3. Precision Pool: Your Guide to Mastering Key Skills, Shots & Strategies ~ Gerry Kanov

4. Byrne's Complete Book of Pool Shots: 350 Moves Every Player Should Know ~ Robert Byrne

5. Play Your Best Pool: Secrets To Winning 8-Ball and 9-Ball ~ Philip B. Capelle

6. Pool and Billiards For Dummies ~ Nicholas Leider

7. The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards ~ David G. Alciatore

8. Pleasures of Small Motions: Mastering the Mental Game of Pocket Billiards ~ Robert T. Fancher

9. Picture Yourself Shooting Pool: Step-By-Step Instruction For Successful Pocket Billiards ~ Matthew Sherman

10. The Science of Pocket Billiards ~ Jack H. Koehler