Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Albert Osanna Gone

I learned this morning of the passing of a good friend of mine, Albert Osanna. Originally from St. Louis, in his day Albert had been quite a bowler as well as a pool player. In recent years, physical problems had made playing pool for an extended period of time impossible. Still, there was nothing he liked more than watching good players play and sitting around with his friends and talking pool. Having known Albert for the last several years, the thing that struck me most about him was his persistent good humor and his ability to see good in just about everybody. Many the time I'd rag on somebody only to have Albert interject that the guy was a pretty good Joe, anyway. Even in the midst of his last illness, he remained in amazingly good spirits and was always happy to have friends call on the phone or drop in. I never talked to Albert about religion, but from the emails he forwarded to me over the years I got the idea he was a believer. Ever the pessimist, I'd like an explanation for why nice people like Albert are taken away, while miserable old goats like me are allowed to carry on. Next time me and the guys get together, you can bet we'll be hoisting one to salute our good buddy Al.