Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Old Sharkie's Deathbed Revelation: A Reading by Ace Toscano

Here's my second reading. I'm still working on my delivery.

More to follow. You can find all my pool writings on my Pool Literature page.


Amidda said...

Today, when I checked your blog, as I have for the last 5 or so years, I was greeted by something I am not accustomed. You! Your new video camera gave me a look at the real you, not hidden by your words, but exposed to the world as the human you are. Your poems are very well written and I truly appreciate them. However, there seems to be an end in the air, a sense that a long journey is finally reaching its destination. That saddens me. I hope to continue to see new posts each time I visit your page, and I hope to read about you winning a tournament at your local stomping ground. The videos are a great addition. Keep up the great page!

Ace Toscano said...

Thanks for caring, Amidda. I noticed the same thing - I sound feeble and don't look that hot either. Well, I've never looked that hot anyway. But, all appearances to the contrary, I'm still going strong. Exercise daily. Keep my diabetes under control. Got a thumbs-up from the doc last week. Win a tournament? No, that ain't gonna happen, but that doesn't bother me. Hey, I'm going to be 64 this month. Whoduhthunkit? :)