Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Souped Up Bar Cue: Players Hydrogel Performance Pool Stick

A few weeks back, the custom-made pool cue I’ve been using during our bar league matches got knocked to the floor for the umpteenth time. Unfortunately, on this occasion it slapped a metal chair rail on the way which produced a super-sized ding midway up the shaft. As I worked on removing the indentation, I swore to myself that I’d never carry one of my better cues into a bar.

Confessedly, I’m not a guy who believes the cue makes the man. I grew up playing with a house cue and believe to this day that if you know how to play you should be able to play with anything that remotely resembles a cue stick. But, over the years, pool has followed golf in regards to offering duffers high-end high-priced equipment that’s guaranteed to elevate their game. The result is a plethora of lousy players with fancy sticks.

Anyway, I digress. To spare my regular playing cue, I started to shop around for a cue I’d use strictly for bars. After a little research, I decided on a blue Players Hydrogel Performance Cue Stick. First of all, it looked snazzy. The logo emblazoned on the butt reminded me of an endorsement packed NASCAR car. Bar players like that kind of thing – sticks with wolves, spiders, bears, lava lights. I had no doubt they’d admire my new Players cue more than they would my custom made Josey. I’m even thinking of using a glove to complete the slick bar player look.

Well, the stick has achieved all I expected and more. It seems the bar players really appreciate the chrome. But, what really has surprised me is the way the stick plays. It plays great. I’ve taken to leaving my high-end sticks at home and carrying it to the pool room for my daily practice sessions. For more info about the Players Hydrogel Performance Cue Stick visit my Players Cue page.

Note: After using the Porper Shaver on the tip to trim down the sides, the tip disintegrated. I replaced it with a Triangle tip which is working much better than the original. It looks like this model has been discontinued, so mine has quickly ascended to the status of collector's piece. If you're looking for a good C to B player's cue, I been getting some good feedback about Griffin cues.

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Cue matters in a game. But for me, whatever cue you use, if you can really play good then that's it. You'll win no matter what.