Monday, September 21, 2009

Break Cue Infomercial: Elite Heavy 27 oz “Banned” Break Cue

Here’s some of what I’ve been hearing:

Dear Ace,
You were right about that Elite 27 oz break stick. Overnight, it has made me a force to be reckoned with. With no more force than I used to use (in fact, as per your instructions, I’ve dialed back on the muscle) I’m obliterating the balls. Eight ball, nine ball, ten ball – it makes no difference – I’m bustin’ the balls from here to Sunday. And, I’m pocketing more balls, too. I’ve had more run-outs from the break in the two weeks since I got my new break stick than I’ve had in the last 6 months. Last Tuesday, I won our local 8-ball tournament for the first time ever. It’s got to be the cue.
Thanks again,
Billy Hogan
Port Richey

Hi Ace,
Nothing gets me madder than when one of the guys on my pool team tells me I break like a girl. I mean, I am a girl. So what? Live with it. But, you know what? The guys aren’t making that wise crack anymore. Not since I received that new Elite Heavy 27 oz “Banned” break cue. I’m breaking the balls as well as they are, even better. Fact is, I’m leaving them speechless. And the silence is beautiful.
You’re the best,
Veronica Palantonio
Palm Harbor

I’m not one to make outlandish claims about a product. I mean, I wouldn’t want to take advantage of my fellow pool players the way golf pros hoodwink duffers into buying clubs they don’t need. The standard spiel for The Elite Heavy 27 oz “Banned” Break Cue is as follows:

We hear it over and over again. Pool players always want to know how to get a stronger break. They want more power and more action. If you can handle it, the answer for you may just be the new Elite "Heavy" Break Cue. This new breaker generates power through its massive weight. Rather than weighing just 20oz or 21oz, the Heavy weighs in at approximately 27oz, making it one of the heaviest breakers on the market. The weight is only part of the story. The cue also features a phenolic tip and ferrule giving it more power than a standard leather tip. The wood pin is actually built into the shaft, giving the Heavy not only superior power but also unprecedented feel for a break cue. It should be noted that this cue is not for everyone. Some leagues have banned this break cue, as it exceed their maximum weight restrictions. Also, keep in mind that if your ball comes off the table, it is a foul so you will need to have control to go along with the power of your break.

You’ll find a variety of break sticks on my Break Stick page, some quite a bit more expensive than the heavy elite cue. But, the Elite Heavy 27 oz “Banned” Break Cue seems to causing more than its share of interest and excitement.

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