Monday, September 04, 2006

Stop Ramblin', Stop Gamblin'

Well, I was discussing the recently reported upheaval at the IPT qualifier up at Capone’s with someone who had a better view and he confirmed that the squabble started over an obvious bad hit. I reiterated my opinion about those who don’t fess up to bad hits and he added that that’s one of the reasons he refuses to gamble. The other reason, he said, that he does not gamble is that he doesn’t need the money. Here we go again.

I don’t gamble because I need the money, I gamble because to me playing pool and not gambling is a lot like jumping in bed with a beautiful naked woman and not having sex.

But, there is an overabundance of people down here in Florida who are afraid of losing a few bucks. Maybe their fixed incomes need fixing. Or, maybe their old ladies are holding the purse strings. Either way, you can imagine the sinking feeling I get in my gut every time I enter the pool room on a Saturday afternoon and find no one to play but the funsy brigade.

Of course, for me, the major thing about betting a few bucks is that it forces me to apply myself. Otherwise, I just bang the balls around as though it doesn’t matter because, actually, it doesn’t. But, everybody isn’t like me. Some guys do not need money for motivation. The sheer joy of beating somebody is motivation enough. For that reason, these guys like to lock horns with players they know they can pound – the lousier their opponent, the more they like it. Wee, what fun! Me, I’d rather lose twenty bucks than waste my time playing someone who can’t hit a rail. Must be my Jersey background.

Anyway, at DJ’s Thursday night 9-ball tournament, I won my first two matches, beating a couple guys I have no business beating, and wound up playing one of the local stars for the driver’s seat. I lost, then lost the match for second place 4-3, but wound up finishing third, the first time I ever finished in the money there. No big payday, but it was a symbolic milestone. Maybe, I am getting better.

In case you’re interested, I added 8 paintings to my Pool in Fine Art collection. Check it out if you get the chance.

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