Thursday, April 13, 2006

Life Goes On

I’ve been away for a few weeks. Had to fly north. My mother passed away on March 11, 2006 due to complications following what was supposed to be a routine heart valve replacement and a single bypass. If the surgeons are to be believed, their part went well. It therefore appears that she fell victim to poor aftercare. Two outfits I would like to warn you about in this regard are Kessler’s and Merry Heart. I wouldn’t let these people watch my dog… if I had a dog. They definitely aren’t getting anywhere near my cat. But mom’s gone and speculating on how things might have turned out if she had received the same kind of care Bill Clinton or David Letterman received after their heart surgeries will not bring her back.

Anyway, her passing not only left me in a state of mystification, but also brought me a bushel of responsibilities. Attending to those is what kept me up north. When things reached the point where I thought my presence was no longer required, I came back home.

Obviously, I had no time for pool but I did run into a couple of my boyhood pool shooting buddies. One still plays, the other traded in his cue for a guitar. Hope he doesn’t miscue.

I flew home on the 6th of April and next day, Friday, looking for something different to do, I went to one of my favorite bar tournaments. Miraculously, I finished second, just a shot away from splitting the pot. As it was, 2nd paid 50 bucks.

Also, as a reward for breaking my ass those five weeks, I decided to treat myself to a new cue. Nothing fancy, just a Falcon Sneaky-Pete I found on my website. No wrap, just wood to hold onto. I’ve played with it a couple times since UPS dropped it off - it hits pretty good. Of course, I won’t be taking it to the bars – I’ll save it for the pool room.

Five weeks is too long to go without shooting. Not only is my stroke all screwed up but I can’t remember what it is I’m supposed to be keying on. Lost without a compass. I’m hoping it will come back to me.

To all my pool shooting friends, thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers.

2 comments: said...

Hi, I just surfed in searching for pool links on the Web. I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. I'm a skill level six in the APA and I own a domain at which I'll soon be posting to (there's nothing there yet.)

Yehuda said...

There's a new independent documentary that, among other things like revealing an ancient irrefutable biological proof for the existence of G-d, claims the "Greatest Pool Shot of all Time" as one of its viewing merits. Is it reliable? I would say so being that I made the film. So if you want to check it out go to Be well,